Titus Andronicus Single – ‘Titus Andronicus’

titus andronicus

Release date: December 2008 (UK)

Label: Merok

This track is a combination of muzzy melodies, straight shooting seemingly heart on sleeve lyrics that pulse with drunken adolescent frustration and oodles of raw energy. The start of the self titled single conjured the expectation of something crafted in rather epic rock fashion. But that’s the point though is it not? Although clearly well rehearsed, it lands upon us like it was thrashed out and recorded in half an hour with rudimentary trips to wherever the beer was.

The American accents are a novelty, which of course detracts from the not-so-charming toilet water of those great cultural pinnacles the Sex Pistols. Titus Andronicus deliver punk with a hazy texture and genuine feeling that entertains and reaches a little deeper than say The Pigeon Detectives. It’s like having something really American with dirt, flexibility and some originality thrown athwart the vast grey matter that is the music industry. Having listened to some of their other tracks, I think ‘fast forward shoe gazing’ is one way of describing (not pigeonholing) their sound. They also share a similarity with Cage The Elephant that is by no means limiting.
What really matters is they are refreshing, and so is the record.


Words by Phillip Cogger