The Code

The Code

On the 11th October, just as I’d lost almost all my faith in television, and at the same time I’d had enough of plummeting the mediocrity of X Factor until I was blue in the face, I came across The Code, an Australian TV drama with investigative journalism, a young girl being pushed off the edge of a gorge while still inside a car, and an intimate team of web news bods jamming their elbows in the nasty business of people who naturally want them wiped from the windscreen like a cluster of smashed flies. There are also some stunning shots of boiled and scathed Australian landscape.

What you’ll notice immediately is the unique relationship between one of the main characters, the journalist, and his brother – who he lives with – the neurotic, jumper-in-the-baking-heat-wearing hacker. The development of these two characters is a reflection of the fine details that writer Shelley Birse and Director Shawn Seet have injected into this series.

I was just glad that the second episode followed the first one so closely. I was even planning to go to bed early, but now, honestly, I have a reason to stay up that little bit later.

I’ve read some attacks on this show, but if there was more serious drama and less musical wannabes being used to reinforce those under qualified to critique music, then there’s a world I’d complain about less.