Little thoughts

Little Thoughts

by Phillip Cogger

Life is a cat in sleep.
An ant winding through the intricacies of a modern brick wall.
A woman bound by a chair, passing the net curtains of a lounge.
The body and that organ, the heart.
Dry blood on a wine cooler.

What happened here?
Where are the memories?

Life is the coil of age tightening; the last moments.
The very last.
Not seeing the kids when it happens.
All of these things.
Life is why I watch a boat split the still water.

I can be dizzy.
I can live so hard that death seems a distant nightmare.
When it comes; farewell to vanity.

Watch the cat, the ant and the city.
Watch the cat accidentally weigh itself.
Imagine the cat knows why it did.
Imagine it never happened.


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