Language of the future

language of the future final

This post is a response to a WordPress challenge to write a piece under the banner of ‘Language of the Future’, so I gave it a go.

Ipsmitch ran at breakneck speed, dropping the golden Shmazz into the underworld of glass shards. Between where they were and every place else the Sandag had petered out.

“Damn straight,” said Shnooze to Ipsmitch, “I’ll get you new Shmazz.”

“I am your brother so quicken your actions.”

“You’ve got me down, that’s your power.”

The pair continued, lowering now, both glowering over the racing glass shards passing this way and that, the panic bloating their veins and cripplicating in their skins. A first shard tore Shnooze’s heel, the pain rippling for a sure second.

“One shard has split the buck,” screamed Shnooze.

“I’ll cover it at speed, sweep in front won’t you?”

Their voices hit the void. Reports of bad clambering held strong in the receivers planted in Ipsmitch’s head. “I don’t care,” he whispered to himself. “I was made for these moments.”

A glint of pure Shmazz was visible, whirling in a fragment of broken Sandag. Shnooze clipped the buck of his heel and piled downforth to the core. He shot behind Ipsmitch who was waverlating, piling even more forwards. They linked hooves and whirled in the Sandag. The unclinching of Schooze’s buck clip began. An indifferent mist poured forward, reversed, then further clambered the Sandag, obscurinizing all signs of the Shmazz. Ipsmitch confirmed his intentions to go in. “Hang round the outer sharp whispers of the Sandag,” he said.

“Credit me by requesting my involvement,” said Shnooze.

Ipsmitch broke from Shnooze, shouting back through the swirling Sandag breakage. “Snap the Shmazz and run whether or not I come back.”

Shnooze didn’t hear with all the violent ramblings of the inner Sandag voluming forth. Ipsmitch rumbled in the mess, sending forth thwacks against the Sandag’s power. The Sandag pinched clumps of Ipsmitch, turning his gizzards to spectaculous swirlfeed. Ipsmitch span in the swirl and belted the Shmazz out towards Shnooze, his face turning to Sandag. As parts of him spuriated into the swirl and were consumed, he glinted the prize being lofted by Shnooze, who parted with a glowing curl of Shmazz.


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