by Phillip Cogger

A man can’t decide which suit to choose, the black or the navy. He’s sure he is a man because the last thing he did was lift weights, and the week before he drank a good deal of beer. It doesn’t help that the shop assistant looks like Eva Mendez. She is so like Mendez that if the real Eva were to enter the suit shop, she may feel she had found her twin. She kneels to take a shirt from a low shelf. He likes the way the plastic packaging crackles in her hands. In a similar way he also enjoys hearing people eat on trains. He now has goose bumps. For his age he is not an unattractive man. A month or two and he may even be back to the waist size of his thirty-fifth year on earth. He selects the navy suit because it is perfect for his son’s christening. But it would be less than perfect for him to go any further with Eva; real or fake.


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