Solid Gold – Bible Thumper


Label: Solid Gold

Released: July 2009

Bible Thumper brings to mind the watery drug induced dance moves of one encased in the balmy atmosphere of a nightclub. The walls are stagnant with alcohol, bass lines and the promise of erotic liaisons. I myself am drunk to the point where despatching coins aimlessly across a sticky bar to the bemused and cynical expressions of the staff seems the only logical progression.

This pulse-hardy addition to Solid Golds first full length album Bodies of Water, is set to kick-start rumblings in the creative quarters of Minnesota’s electronic scene, not to mention fill the floors of any occupancy of late night entertainment.

My initial concern that the novelty would wear off after a few runs was abated by an accompanying video directed by John Carlucci, which features the be-whiskered trio getting rainbow faced and probing the water-coloured significance of a strobe lit swimming pool in sleeveless shirts.

Zak Coulter’s sensuously somnambulant vocal style seems to dilute the seriousness of tightly woven groove-centric lyrics: “Woke from the fright in the middle of the night with hands that smell like gasoline, but I’m too cold to burn.” Naturally a cynic about the song writing process (due in no small part to a fellow musician explaining the need to prioritise marketing over rehearsal time) I won’t attempt a: who-wrote-what-and-why-and-placed-it-where-and-for-what-reason analysis. I will say however that the whirring mournful alarm effect in tandem with brooding, fatalistic and philosophical lyrics create a dark and welcoming undercurrent that encourage me to want to review their whole album.

Words by Phillip Cogger